Event Specialists is privileged to have strong links and relationships with a number of venues that we have developed over the years. We can work seamlessly with your team to provide a true end to end solution for your clients, and during a time when we have all been forced to scale back our resources this is more important than ever.

Venue Solutions

We are open to having conversations that enables you to provide a complete package, as a single contract to organisers, who themselves, are likely to have also been forced to scale back. The current fallout that has happened within our industry has seen the entire supply chain change. Relationships are even more important than ever before and your ability to meet your clients’ requirements is pivotal.

Venue solutions
event venues

What We Can Do...

We will work seamlessly with you to become an extension to your business whilst respecting where the relationship sits.

As a family run business we know that one size does not fit all; this is the mantra that is adopted within our team. Your client’s will have differing requirements and will be looking to you to bespoke your offering. We are therefore able to be flexible and open to sensible discussions commercially as well as enabling you to select the services that compliment your offer.

For some clients we manage exhibitor pre-show communications and orders, other clients prefer to handle those themselves. The same applies to supply chain; we can deliver the end to end requirement but also respect that you may have suppliers with whom you have built up years of loyalty.

Event Specialists has a network that can help you to bring everything together over and above the standard offerings.

What our customers say...

“It occurred to me that I disappeared without properly saying thanks to you.

I don’t believe we would have achieved what we did if it wasn’t for you and your guys, you were absolutely brilliant, it was a massive breath of fresh air to work with a like-minded, ‘let’s get it done’ person.

You and your guys have been a part of something special and it will have saved lives.

It was a great trip and I hope you guys continue to be involved as this process grows, stay safe.”

Steve Langhorne – Head of Warwick Fire & Rescue Rapid Response

We can source the most obscure requests and act as an extension of your team on the run up to the show and floor walk throughout the event to sort out all those bity things that can come up.