Shell Scheme

events shell scheme

What is Shell Scheme?

Shell scheme stands provide a simple, cost effective solution for exhibitors. We offer a complete turnkey package without compromising on quality of product or service. The majority of our shell scheme is less than three years old.

Whatever the size of your show, our professional and customer friendly delivery ensures that your exhibition stands out from the rest. We also have a team that is experienced in the use of shell scheme to create innovative solutions above and beyond a standard gridding show.

What We Offer

We take great pride in the quality of our shell scheme stock, and the way we store between events, and the fact that each panel and upright is meticulously cleaned after every show, and kept looking in spotless condition so it’s ready to be used straight away.

As well as being easy and quick to build, we can add graphics, shelving, furniture and even floral displays to the shell scheme package so your exhibitors present the best possible appearance and help them secure those important sales leads from the exhibition.

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