International Organisers

You guys are the backbone of the industry. We recognise that the business model traditionally has been to contract all of your exhibitions with the large, international contractors, irrespective of the size. Post Covid that the landscape has changed enormously, the industry has had to adapt, and the shape of the supply chain is completely different.

International organisers

What We Do...

As a family run business we know that, despite the fact we would be delighted to talk with you about them, we are unlikely be your first port of call for your largest shows. Whilst, in the past, having a single delivery contract in place made sense, now increasing your supplier base is a sensible solution.

There is always a huge amount to do and organise to get any event off the ground, the physical build of the show itself is the manifestation of many months of hard work and planning.

One size does not fit all; this is the mantra that is adopted within our team. We know from our years of experience that different organisers and indeed events have individual requirements.

Event Specialists has a network that can help you to bring everything together over and above the standard offerings, these include: